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Planet Peach

Business leaders networking at the Peach 20/20 Conference  

Planet Peach



5 March 2024, 30 Euston Square, London

The commercial, brand, customer and labour implications of climate change are increasingly evident - and progressive business leaders are taking action. 

Planet Peach, a co-production between Peach 20/20 and Fleet Street, will help operators stay ahead of the curve in a competitive market. Make no mistake, sustainability is a boardroom issue which directors, founders, entrepreneurs and investors all need to be engaged with.

Our new Sustainability Summit will explore tangible, optimistic and real-world solutions. Our speakers will consider the moral, reputational and brand challenges as well as the opportunities for customer and employee loyalty, reducing costs and attracting investors. 

This is not another talking shop. The afternoon conference sessions will rigorously interrogate the data, explore practical solutions and invite debate and discussion from executive level operators, major suppliers and independent subject matter specialists.





Why sustainability?

It's a board room issue...

  • Supply chains are already being impacted
  • Customer sentiment is shifting
  • Your brand reputation is at stake
  • Political and legislative requirements
  • Investment and access to funding
  • "Doing the right thing" dividend


Why attend?

  • Debate this vital topic with peers
  • Interrogate the data
  • Explore best practice
  • Hear from expert speakers and leading operators
  • Be inspired to break down the barriers to progress
  • Build a workable strategy
  • Unlock a commercial advantage 


Book now and save

Book early for a 30% early bird discount.

Tickets are currently available at the special rate of £189+VAT.





Connect with senior executives ​​​from across the hospitality sector

What our members say about our events... 

  • "A brilliant event, with an agenda that always hits the big topics with intelligence and insight”
    Nisha Katona MBE
    Founder and CEO, Mowgli Street Food
  • “Peach 20/20 is a must-attend event in the hospitality calendar. Informative, thought-provoking and, most importantly, immense fun"
    Alex Reilley
    Co-founder and Executive Chair, Loungers
  • "Peach 20/20 always organise such brilliant events that bring together so many interesting and also varied operators"
    Laura Harper-Hinton
    Co-founder and CEO, Caravan Restaurants
  • "It’s great to find out what people are up to. As a sector we’re super collaborative... so we can all grow on each others’ shoulders"
    Joel Robinson
    Digital & Technology Director, Azzuri

Planet Peach founding partners

Planet Peach headline partner

Bringing together senior leaders to discuss a major issue facing our industry

The half day conference is curated and co-hosted by respected industry commentators Peach 20/20 co-founder Peter Martin and Fleet Street founder, Mark Stretton. 

Their combined knowledge of the sector brings a sharp business edge and commercial context to a critical and complex topic. 

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