The Peach 20/20 webinars are an essential part of the year-round programme allowing us to deliver valuable content across the world. They allow us to tackle the hottest topics and those issues impacting the hospitality and out-of-home market today. 

Peach 20/20 Atlantic Club Webinars

Getting entrepreneurs and seniors leaders to share individual learnings for a more successful united future is our running theme for the Atlantic Club.
From finance, investment and survival strategies through to trends and changing customer behaviours, our quarterly webinar series allows our hospitality leader network from both sides of the Atlantic to stay connected.

Big Ideas for Ambitious Brands

Follow the Money

The Future for Global Brands
in a Local Market

Peach 20/20 The Big Digital Experience

Sadly, disruptions out of our control meant we were unable to run our live event in 2020 however, the power of virtual events meant we were still able to facilitate vital knowledge sharing to the global Peach 20/20 network at a time when they arguably needed it most. 

Re-imagining the urgent trading environment

Head-to-head with Danny Meyer

The Leaders’ Panel 

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