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Business leaders networking at the Peach 20/20 Conference  

Cheryl Chung

Cheryl Chung

Global Corporate Affairs Specialist, Formerly - Boohoo Group and McDonalds
Cheryl has held senior Corporate Affairs positions in some of the worlds’ biggest brands.  She is a recognised expert in change and crisis management, skills she had honed over the last 20 years working within Blue Chip companies including, McDonalds, Heineken, William Hill, The boohoo Group and Fix Auto. Having led the corporate crisis response on issues including but not limited to: The UK horsemeat scandal, Morgan Spurlock’s global anti-McDonald’s campaign, consumer backlash to social influencer behaviour, worker exploitation accusations against a global fashion brand, a potential ban on advertising due to the morality of alcohol brands sponsoring sport, Cheryl understands how critical corporate reputation is to organisational and shareholder success.   That is why, following a 3-year tenure as the Global Director of CA for the boohoo group, she has recently returned to running her own consultancy business, where she is helping shape the strategies of global brands and develop communications strategies for geo-engineering organisations. In 2020 she established a new charitable Trust, designed to create positive and lasting change in the garment industry and she remains one of the Trust’s founding Trustees.