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Peach 20/20 Podcast Series 2: Reinventing Normal with Fiona Hall

Atlantic Club Austin 2023

Commercial directors are in the forefront of the finding solutions to the most pressing issues on every board agenda: cost inflation, supply chain disruption and staffing levels. The pre-pandemic ‘playbook’ is no longer fit for purpose and tough questions face commercial teams, from pricing to sustainable sourcing - all while delivering a rival-beating, jaw-dropping guest experience in a brutal labour market.

Fiona Hall, in the hot seat at one our most ambitious and exciting operators, Revolution Bars Group, talks menu engineering, real-time product substitutions and launching not one but two brand new concepts – Founders and Playhouse – straight out of lockdown. Fiona is bullish, tackling market headwinds head on, remains passionate about seeking out new ideas and experiences and relentlessly prioritises the customer journey.

Reinventing what is ‘normal’ is her superpower and thinking fast and responding to constant change are vital skills.

To paraphrase Darwin; it’s the species that are most adaptable that survive. On that basis alone we’re backing Revs. Buckle up and listen in.

Fiona Hall, Commercial Director, Revolution Bars Group

Peter Martin, Executive Director, Peach 20/20

Sponsored by Access, Freeths, and RSM

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