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Peach 20/20 Podcast Series 2: No holding back on being green with Thomasina Miers

Atlantic Club Austin 2023

Wahaca’s co-founder Thomasina Miers is passionate about many things - not least the need for a sustainable future for restaurants. But the MasterChef winner and now food writer, who is still intimately involved in developing Wahaca’s menus, knows that the issues and solutions are never straightforward.

Peach’s Peter Martin caught up with Thomasina in front of a live audience on stage at this year’s Casual Dining Show, where the conversation soon turned to the practicalities of going green - from Wahaca becoming a carbon neutral restaurant group to putting carbon impact labels on its menus, all with a mission to do their bit for the planet.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that Wahaca has just won the acclaim of its fellow operators by picking up the inaugural Sustainability Award at the Peach Hero & Icon Awards.

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Guest: Thomasina Miers, Co-founder, Wahaca

Host: Peter Martin, Executive Director, Peach 20/20

This podcast is produced in association with the Casual Dining Show.

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