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Peach @ The Beach Conference Agenda

Business leaders networking at the Peach 20/20 Conference  

Peach @ The Beach Conference Agenda

Our summer meet up shines a light on how you can grow your brand by leveraging tech, data and a laser focus on your ‘profitable dollars’. 

Peach 20/20 founder, Peter Martin will chair the afternoon conference, guiding attendees through a packed agenda - we’ll hear from both local and national operators. Discussions will continue at our Summer Networking Party.

Expect the usual Peachy mix of unrivalled networking, invaluable, actionable insight plus plenty of lively conversation.

  1. 30 mins

    Despite the apocalyptic headlines, business has been quietly embracing AI and automation to drive efficiencies, boost profits and enhance customer experiences.  But what does it mean for hospitality?

  1. 35 mins
    If you are in the customer business, then you are in the data business and savvy operators are busy turning that data into cold, hard, cash. 
  1. 15 mins
  1. 30 mins

    ‘We’re a record label for food talent’ says Sessions founder Dan Warne.  And that’s not all. Warne is on a mission to disrupt and revolutionise the hospitality industry, offering consumers access to exciting new chefs via both digital channels and dynamic in person venues.

  1. 120 mins
    Discussions will continue at our Summer Networking Party at Sessions – right on the beach.