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Peach at the Beach 2023

Business leaders networking at the Peach 20/20 Conference  


H2H Interview | Dan Warne, CEO Sessions

21 Jun 2023

‘We’re a record label for food talent’ says Sessions founder Dan Warne.  

And that’s not all. Warne is on a mission to disrupt and revolutionise the hospitality industry, offering consumers access to exciting new chefs via both digital channels and dynamic in person venues – all enabled by a centralised, powerful, scalable tech platform. Ambitious maybe, but the former MD of Deliveroo knows a thing or two about disruption.     

With two venues in Brighton and London respectively the pioneering ‘digital meets physical’ food hall operator and brand incubator is opening a major new site - The Shipyard – in Manchester in 2024.  

Peter Martin catches up with the tech pioneer on talent spotting, creating ‘residencies’ for big name chefs and the secret to scaling brands nationally.  

Dan Warne, Founder & CEO - Sessions