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Peach 20/20 Leaders' Summit 2023

Business leaders networking at the Peach 20/20 Conference  


Funding for growth

14 Nov 2023

To prosper, hospitality companies, whether major corporates or entrepreneurial start-ups, need investment and reliable financial support. So where is that funding coming from? Our panel will examine: hospitality’s attractiveness; the merits of the public markets, private equity and business incubators; the lending environment; the lessons of recent deals and the expectations of increased deal activity. They are:

  • Jane O'Riordan, chair of Caravan, Turtle Bay and Red Engine (chairing)
  • Ashton Crosby, co-founder & MD, Capdesia 
  • Chris Miller, CEo & Founder, White Rabbit Projects
  • Rod McKie, executive chair of New World Trading Co and non-exec chair at Megan’s
  • Sarah Willingham, CEO of Nightcap
Jane O'Riordan, Chair - Caravan, Turtle Bay and Red Engine
Sarah Willingham, CEO - Nightcap PLC
Rod McKie, Executive Chairman - New World Trading Company
Ashton Crosby, Co-Founder & Managing Director - Capdesia
Chris Miller, Founder and CEO - White Rabbit Projects