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Business leaders networking at the Peach 20/20 Conference  

06 Jun 2024

Sustainability: A Step Change in the C-Suite?

Jonathan Davies, MD at Levy, is on a mission - and he’s not alone. At the recent Arena the hospitality networking association event: Creating Sustainable Future he delivered a compelling speech on the urgency and importance of tackling climate change, highlighting a step change in the hospitality sector's approach.
Key Points:
♻ Boardroom shift: There’s a new focus on sustainability strategies that go beyond profits. No longer a tick box activity, it’s front and centre of the board agenda.
♻ Single-use plastics: Levy is rethinking plastic use, collaborating with Pierre-Yves Paslier of Notpla – the Earthshot Prize winners transforming packaging with replenishable, fully recyclable product - seaweed. Exciting and transformative.
♻ Change is achievable: Jon’s tone was upbeat and optimistic. Real progress is being made and viable alternatives to big problems - like plastic - are increasingly available.
♻ Our good friend Mark Chapman of Zero Carbon Forum moderated an insight-packed panel discussion on real-world sustainable practices business leaders can adopt now.

Three Top Takeaways:
🌱 Engage stakeholders: Educate everyone from the board to frontline teams. Peer-to-peer working groups and executive sponsors are essential.
🌱 Don’t compromise the customer: The food has to be excellent. Sustainable options must not compromise on quality. Local supply chains, regenerative farming and plant-based options are increasingly consumer-winning strategies.
🌱Climate quitting is real: Young, value-driven employees prioritise sustainability and are increasingly holding their employers to account. Companies must commit to environmental responsibility to attract and retain talent.

Thanks to Arena the hospitality networking association, Lorraine Wood, and all the speakers and panellists for their insights.

Passionate about sustainability? We are too. Join us at Planet Peach: The Sustainability Summit on 4 March 2025.
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