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06 Mar 2024

Nutritics joins forces with Zero Carbon Forum

Nutritics has become the first food technology provider to integrate with Zero Carbon Forum’s Carbon Accounting Platform, as both organisations look to accelerate their shared vision to address the climate crisis.

With up to 70% of an operator’s emissions being from food – Scope 3 emissions – this integration will bring together the Forum’s existing carbon emissions data across all scopes and the dish-level data available through Nutritics’ Foodprint solution. This is designed to help operators better manage and measure carbon emissions, remove complexity and automate reporting across all aspects of menu engineering to drive down carbon impacts at dish level. 

This integration comes as Zero Carbon Forum launches its Sustainable Menus Action Group with support from Nutritics and Brakes to enable operator food teams to collaborate seamlessly on low carbon menus.

Commenting on the integration, Mark Chapman, Zero Carbon Forum CEO said; “Food is a leading source of hospitality’s climate impact. To take real action and make meaningful reductions in emissions, creating sustainable menus is key. By integrating Foodprint outputs into our platform, operators will now be able to capture dish-level data, enabling food development teams to not only easily measure and manage low or no carbon recipes, but also see at a glance the potential and actual cost-savings that simple food switches could contribute to the bottom line.”

Stephen Nolan, Nutritics’ CEO, added; “We’re on a mission to put sustainability at the heart of the food sector. This vital work with Zero Carbon Forum, allows us to continue to educate operators about the substantial environmental and financial benefits we can help them achieve. Through our unique tech offering and science-based approach, operators will have access to scientifically robust data and practical tools to make data-driven decisions on their journey to net zero, whatever stage they are at.”

Alongside the support that Zero Carbon Forum already provides operators on every area of emissions, members will now have access to additional expertise from Knowledge Labs, Nutritics’ consultancy arm, whose expert team of accredited professionals provide additional advice to operators on all aspects of food-related sustainability strategy.  

Nutritics is now also a member of Zero Carbon Forum’s supplier marketplace, which showcases the best-in-class businesses with proven track records of helping operators accelerate their sustainability ambitions.

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