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Business leaders networking at the Peach 20/20 Conference  

17 Jan 2024

Nutritics announced as headline partner for the Planet Peach Sustainability Summit

Nutritics’ research and cutting-edge technology empowers operators to reduce their environmental impact - making them the ideal partner for Planet Peach.

The event is a co-production between Peach 20/20 and Fleet Street and takes place on 5 March, at 30 Euston Square, London.

The summit agenda is about giving sustainability a crucial business edge and commercial context - underlining the fact that sustainability is now a boardroom issue. Sessions will rigorously interrogate the data, explore practical solutions and invite debate and discussion from executive level operators, major suppliers and independent subject matter specialists.

The agenda covers the challenges of the supply chain, food and drink production, investment, politics, technological advances, brand reputation and communication, as well as examining how individual businesses and the sector collectively can build on the progress and commitment already made.  See the full agenda here

Stephen Nolan, CEO, Nutritics said: "Food systems are estimated to be responsible for a third of greenhouse gas emissions. This presents a significant opportunity for hospitality businesses to take a lead in improving both the long-term environmental outlook alongside benefitting their own P&L.

"Planet Peach promises a sustainability conference that provides tangible and practical solutions, rigorously backed by real-life data and operational expertise, a move forward in bridging the gap between knowing and doing.

"Nutritics delivered the tech, engagement and education for COP28, enabling the food vendors to produce 250,000 lower carbon dishes per day alongside optimising their P&L and margins from the event. On a daily basis we roll out tech solutions for hospitality businesses in the UK that meet the challenge of food sustainability in business and its learnings from these unique experiences that we can offer the attendees at Planet Peach. 

“We have been developing and investing in our scientifically robust food data system for a decade, enabling our hospitality and foodservice customers across the world to enjoy both sustainability and financial benefits as they scale.”

Find out more, including how to book your place at the Planet Peach Sustainability Summit here

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