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07 Sep 2022

Cashing out – the evolution of payment methods

With 89% of consumers now using card or contactless every time, or most times they visit a pub, bar or restaurant, the rising popularity of contactless payment methods and other emerging technologies is leading to a significant and long-lasting behaviour-shift in hospitality.

Paying for food and drink with the swipe of a card or tap of a phone has never been more convenient, so does cash still have a place for modern hospitality consumers?

In Zonal’s latest GO Technology research report, produced in association with CGA by NielsenIQ and digital payment provider PayPal, 5,000 consumers were surveyed to discover the key trends in how they prefer to pay in hospitality venues, what technology they’re using now and would consider using in the future, and what this means for you as an operator.

Cashless payment

Download the full report to discover key insights, including:

  • The scale of consumers using card or contactless payment in pubs, bars or restaurants
  • Percentage of cash users that are likely to leave a tip versus contactless card users
  • Top consumer payment frustrations
  • Variations and trends by sector
  • Appetite for next-gen payment methods such as ‘just walk-out tech’ and facial recognition


Working in partnership with Zonal and CGA, the GO Technology report tracks consumer attitudes and experiences with technology when eating and drinking out.

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