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Peach 20/20 Top Table Podcast Series 2: The digital clock is ticking, with Kim Teo

Atlantic Club Austin 2023

Kim Teo is passionate about business and technology. The Singapore-born entrepreneur is CEO and co-founder of Mr Yum, the young digital enterprise that’s making waves around the hospitality sector from Australia to the UK and now in the US.

She says that her excitement, drive and enthusiasm come from the opportunity to work on big ideas with amazing people. But she also knows that getting hospitality to engage with tech is not without its challenges. Overcoming operational resistance is one of them.

Kim also points to differences in business culture around the globe that influence decision-making. While Australians are generally open to early adoption and Americans usually know exactly what they want, Brits often need a little more reassurance.

But Kim is clear – the intelligent deployment of tech offers great opportunities for restaurant and bar businesses to enhance the experience for customers and teams alike and drive real efficiencies. As she told Peach founder Peter Martin, she’s committed to the cause.

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