Upcoming Atlantic Club Webinar

Peach 2022 Nisha Katona's Talent Panel

Join us today (24 March) for Tech, Talent and Transformation – a transatlantic webinar that brings together industry innovators and thought leaders from both sides of the pond.

Our theme addresses two of the most pressing issues facing operators today: talent retention and customer engagement. We’ll explore how technology is transforming both Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) and how an integrated tech stack is a proving to be a gamechanger for digitally savvy operators in the industry.

Peter Martin, Founder of the Atlantic Club and Peach 20/20 will be your guide through a packed agenda including expert panel sessions, head-to-head interviews, case studies of real-world and of course Q&A.

Topics we'll cover:

  • How integrating customer journeys across both digital and physical channels builds loyalty and drives repeat business
  • Why connecting all your customer data touchpoints increases spend per visit and ‘lifetime value’
  • How you can transform your ‘Employee Experience’ ratings and attract and retain star talent
  • Why smart use of tech will help your team focus on delivering an outstanding CX, drive revenue and increase job satisfaction

Time: 4pm (GMT) // 12pm (ET)

Access to this webinar is free. Register your details and you'll be sent a link 48 hours before the event starts. 

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