Peach 2020

What has always set the Peach 20/20 events apart is the active involvement from respected leaders in the hospitality industry.



In 2021 we went further, by creating an informal Advisory Group – people involved day-to-day in the sector who can give honest feedback and advice on the real issues shaping the market and how content should be delivered.

We are truly grateful to some of the brightest and best in the hospitality industry for helping us to curate the most impactful and future-focused programme.

Each year, we'll look to source new ideas and inspiration from a wide variety of prominent voices working within the hospitality industry today.

Find out more about how our 2022 advisory board came together

Under the steerage of our 2022 advisory board, we’ve been able to carefully hone our events programme and its content to bring the greatest value to the attendees.

With many thanks to….


NOW AVAILABLE... The Peach 20/20 Podcast

Have you listened to the BRAND NEW Peach 20/20 podcast series? Featuring industry icons such as Will Beckett, Marcel Khan, Mitch Tonks and John Barnes. 

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