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Peach 20/20 Top Table Podcast: Turbo charging your brand with Emma Woods and Richard Morris

Atlantic Club Austin 2023

An established, proven delivery model was a lifesaver for Tortilla when the pandemic struck but far from resting on his laurels, ceo Richard Morris galvanised his team to grasp the opportunity to scale and grow, leveraging the brand’s reputation for super fresh, fast, product at a great price point.

But there’s more. Off the back of one of the biggest global economic shocks, the Tortilla board knew they had a great investor story to tell and launched a highly successful IPO in October 2021.

So what next for Tortilla? Peter Martin speaks to Richard Morris ceo, and Emma Woods the brand’s chair about future plans and how balancing both a highly successful delivery channel with a great in-restaurant dining experience is very much at the heart of their strategy. Cloud kitchens, international roll out and opening 10 new sites in UK for 2022 are all on the board agenda. Listen up for some great insights on turbo-charging your brand.

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