Peach 20/20 Top Table Podcast: Trending Now: The 'Next Normal'

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Covid-19 profoundly changed consumer behaviour. So far, so obvious. But what trends will stick round? What does the ‘next normal’ look like?

Peter Martin speaks to Phil Tate, hospitality data guru and Global CEO of CGA to dig into their vast research reserves to uncover the key trends driving growth for the sector.

Tate is optimistic. The headline numbers are positive and full of promise for an industry that was brutalised by lockdown. Consumers are back and craving emotional connection and social stimulation outside of their immediate households.

But they want more. Experience is paramount. Loyalty is diminishing. And apparently romance is dead…(listen in for full details!). The huge shift in working patterns looks like it’s here to stay and the demand for ‘premium locals’ as well as bigger experiential incentives to hit the city centres are all in the mix. And that’s just for starters.

And Phil should know. CGA now collects sales data in over 30 countries and consumer research in 20 and is a leading provider of strategic insight for the global eating and drinking out (on-premise) industry.  We promise some rich pickings for your next board meeting.  


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