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Peach 20/20 Start Up Hub Podcast: Street Food Gets Serious with Simon Mitchell

Atlantic Club Austin 2023

For many KERB is the OG of the street food world. The Petra Barran founded collective that started under the hoardings for the renovations of Kings Cross station is now over a decade old and properly grown up.

Simon Mitchell, CEO of the burgeoning business speaks to Peter Martin on a host of issues; from delivery (not a fan) to the price of food (too cheap) and how he balances Kerb’s founding principles as a social enterprise with a growing ‘ecosystem’ that now spans outdoor markets, indoor food halls, event catering, sporting venues, exhibition halls and even the National Theatre.

For all its ambition, the brand’s beating heart is still at one with the street food traders it represents. Identifying the raw talent and giving them the tools, skills and resources to realise their food dreams and reach a wider audience – is the driving force of the business and the key to its continued success.

This series of podcasts is sponsored by Bird & Bird  and Zonal.

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