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Peach 20/20 Start Up Hub Podcast: Passion, Purpose and…Pasta with Marcel Khan

Atlantic Club Austin 2023

International brand rollout guru Marcel Khan talks about his latest project; bringing Miscusi, the cult Italian ‘purpose-meets-pasta’ brand to London and probably beyond.

Is the Italian market saturated? Khan thinks not and is out to prove his thesis that a truly great plate of pasta is actually pretty hard to come by in the current UK restaurant landscape. The brand’s declared mission “Respecting the Power of Food”, combined with its impressive sustainability credentials (a B Corp company) and a healthy eating ethos make it a very modern, purpose-driven brand – but one that still wins on flavour, fun and affordability as much as its ethics.  

With a CV that spans major brands like Nando’s and Five Guys, Khan’s world view has been shaped by working with true industry greats. He cites the importance of simplicity and consistency, connecting with customers authentically and a razor-sharp focus as the pillars to brand success. He reveals that Miscusi #2 is slated for Upper Street later this year. 

Pasta with purpose never tasted so good. 

This series of podcasts is sponsored by Bird & Bird  and Zonal.

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